About Us

Ultra Case
Be Different

Established in 2008,Ultra Case has been developed smart phone protective cases and accessories. Obsessive with function, fashion and design, we let every smart phone with Ultra Case be different. We have exploited a wide range of inspirations, bringing global customers new taste in customer cases.


Ultra Case is headquartered in Hong Kong and is currently sells its portfolio on 5 continents.

Our Designer Cases

We provides Designer Case for our clients since 2012. Fashion, personalized and creative are our essential elements for each case design. We consider each feedback from our clients over the world. We tailored made person- alized cases to meet different markets’ need

We are now over 400 case deisgn for most popular smart- phone devices

We call ourselves Ultra Case, and we dare to provide you the accessories exceed your expectation. We are ultra active to give you best experience, and our draw our satisfaction from your smile. Ultra Case also means ultra care to your unique character and identity, our products aim at help you to express and actualize yourselves through a different mobile device experience.


Every of our customers deserve the best accessories. Our professional product development and design teams draw inspiration from nearly everything to find breakthroughs of mobile protection solutions. Our quality assurance team upholds strict quality check to make sure you get the ideal item.
Your voice also fuels our improvement. Ultra Case amazing products accessories are not only the products of our innovative and diligent team; it is also the fruit of your every bit of feedback. So our do not provide you only the product, we care about your whole buying and using experience.

With you and our team, Ultra Case has grown to a leading accessories brand with products selling to every continent. Our adventure will go on, and will continue to bring you the new excitement.


Ultra Case is an expert in the field of product customization. Ultra case is the Ingredient Brand Partner of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, so that we can guarantee the authenticity of the used crystals.